Jon had a specific visual world in mind, which was lead by the idea of alternating dark and light in the music, an almost synesthesic approach. It was a frosty London December when we shot and we were drawing a blank on the location  until we scored Millennium Mills (site of many a film shoot, including Full Metal Jacket). 

Our lead, Amanda Wass, had over-delivered massively during the audition, exceeding my expectations and had exactly the right malestrom performance to hold the screen, at once other worldly, madly energetic and aggressive. 

Steve Annis again working his magic. But editor Dan Sherwen, who won an award for it, was the true hero, as I was terrified we didn’t have enough footage and was google stock imagery of lightning strikes as he calmly beavered away until it reached it’s eyeball-shredding potential.

Nominated - Best Dance Video MVAs 2014

Nominated - Best Cinematography MVAs 2014

Winner - Best Editing MVAs 2014

More information here: One Point Four