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Barry Ward and Anoushka Lucas star in this dramedy about a small time music manager, Ray, about to make it big with singer-songwriter Cas as she prepares to play her break-out gig. But Cas has other ideas. Backstage, with dreams of fame and fortune flowing like cheap champagne, we witness the festivities and the fireworks as their relationship is tested, and Ray does everything he can to hold on to his one shot. 

Bubbly is a dramedy that scrutinises a small but potentially explosive moment, at times humorous, at times deliberately uncomfortable, drawing on personal observations from the music industry, There’s a touch of Cassavetes or Altman’s freer style to the short: a focus on performance, captured on a zoom lens with long takes, which has that unsettling way of holding on a character until you see the cracks emerge.  

The film started as a lockdown project in January 2021, when I met Barry Ward (Ken Loach collaborator) and we threw around ideas and references, until 'Ray' arrived, drawn from music industry characters I've encountered, and workshopped with Barry off the page. Then actor and singer Anoushka Lucas joined us, who added her personal experiences in the industry, and the shady manager's she's dealt with, and Bubbly was born. 

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