I was already a fan of Baxter's music when I met him for the Slumlord shoot, the first single from his Night Chancers album. I’ve always wanted to make a one-shot video, and with Baxter I felt we could craft a character and scenario together that would carry it. And so, we find ourselves in Benidorm, Spain, in January, facing the biggest storm that has lashed that coast in 50 years. 

With only a tiny shooting window to crack it, and with a small crew that included cinematographer Steve Annis again, this time accompanied by a steadycam op fresh from a Marvel movie. Baxter’s character has fallen out of a Cassavetes Film, a sleazy night urchin getting his comeuppance, and fall he does, with the only dregs of grace he can muster. 

One hour after wrapping the entire coastline shut down for about 100 hundred miles, and we were shut-in with only paella, ex-pats and some Spanish grannies for company.